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The consulting framework for manufacturers seeking a quantum leap in efficiency – Embrace the digital evolution of your shop floor as we help you to transform your business and manufacturing processes towards achieving a digital and flexible production driven by data and digital twins.

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Transformation! But how?

Digital automation is the future. How can you get there?

As a manufacturer, digital transformation is crucial to your success in a competitive market. But choosing the right new tech, integrating it with legacy systems, and justifying the costs can be daunting. And getting all the stakeholders onboard? A challenge all its own.

Achieve standardized, centrally orchestrated industrial automation
Imagine a manufacturing environment in which production planning and engineering were closely connected through two-way-synced digital twins. Using a platform that delivers a completely new level of agility and resilience. With a clear digital automation vision and full control of the processes, you can make it happen without the typical risks of innovative technologies, such as high costs, long implementation or simply the unknown.

Ascon Systems – Automation Experts

You need a solid plan. And the expertise to execute it

Is your infrastructure ready yet for a drastic change? Can your systems handle a next-gen digital automation and orchestration software? Are your facilities and employees in synch with one another?
Ascon AIM is here to help you find the answers to all those questions and more.

“It’s a massive commitment,” you’re thinking.
If digital transformation were a big bang project, it would be difficult to ever start or complete. That’s why AIM breaks down the process into much smaller, more feasible parts. And the best thing is, you can carry over your investment from early modules towards deploying the Ascon Qube.


How you will benefit from Ascon AIM

Easy Onboarding

By selecting the appropriate modules, you can start innovating without having to implement an entire case. No matter what your digital maturity or final implementation status, we have the right module to move you one step further.

A clear vision of your automation future

Today’s investments can only make sense with a clear vision of how you will manufacture tomorrow. Ascon AIM works with you to develop that vision and plan a clear path to it. With budgetable costs and minimized risk.

Vastly more flexible production

With an intelligent process network capable of integrating and orchestrating your entire production facility, you gain unmatched flexibility. Now you can respond considerably faster to changing demand and supply chain disruption.

Transparency on options and costs

To plan your intelligent automation infrastructure, you need reliable information on costs and capabilities. Ascon AIM gives you the hard numbers necessary for prudent business decisions.

Win buy-in from key stakeholders

To get your digital automation plans off the ground, you need to have key stakeholders behind you. But how can you make the case for something this new without building it first? Ascon AIM modules provide exactly the hard facts you need to convince stakeholders and move to the next step.

AIM = Automation & Industrial Metaverse

Your building blocks for a smart and digital production

It doesn’t matter how much progress your organization has made with digitalization so far. Because there is an Ascon AIM module for every stage of your journey.

Start wherever you need assistance now and continue until you have a fully functional digital automation platform with live-synced digital twins and maybe even AI-driven optimization.

Now you can assess, plan, and implement your path to a digital and automated production – with the help of our industry experts.

Step 1: Your current situation

Taking a thorough look at your manufacturing and business processes

Infrastructure Analysis

Ascon AIM consultants take a closer look at your shop floor infrastructure and its readiness for connecting to a digital twin. In this process we analyze (among other things) the sensors, actuators, and sensor data quality, data logging and storage capacities and energy infrastructure and availability of emergency power supply for critical systems. Many other infrastructure and capabilities are also examined, full or partially.

Digital Twin Stakeholder Analysis

Together with Ascon Systems, you obtain a clear picture of the existing stakeholders and their needs. We will define for example roles and responsibilities, processes and expectations. Also, a common vision and hidden fears will be addressed.

This module helps you build and strengthen your network, aligning key parties and giving you the social capital to move the transformation forward and to bring your production into the industrial metaverse.

Risk Analysis

Analyze the risks associated with introducing new technologies and necessary changes.

Identifying risks early enables better control by avoiding unexpected surprises or expenses. Understanding risks reduces delays and keeps implementation on schedule.

The outcomes of this module are a risk report with guidelines and an action plan for risk mitigation (FMEA).

Digital Twin Readiness Check

The Digital Twin Readiness Check comprises the infrastructure analysis and the Digital Twin Stakeholder Analysis described previously.

As a result, the twin readiness report will assess the current infrastructure, systems, and processes with regards to integrating digital twins. With a clear justification for action in hand, you have a compelling arguments and action plan for the C-suite.

Step 2: Getting ready for the future

Changing your status quo: Your roadmap to next-gen automation

Digital Twin Strategy Roadmap

Ascon AIM consultants work with you to develop a wholistic roadmap. Included are, among others, strategies to bridge identified gaps, creating a roadmap and milestones for step-by-step implementation, assessing the impact of digital twins on business model and the value digital twins add for specified use cases.

You come away with full transparency and a solid foundation for making your way to the industrial metaverse, e.g. with our Partner Nvidia.


To effectively integrate digital twins into your organization, we pinpoint and address any gaps in your processes to ensure smooth and efficient implementation. Together, we identify both suitable resources and existing gaps, ensuring the digital twins align seamlessly with your organization’s processes and structures.

As a result, you will have a comprehensive report of the fit-gap analysis including possible changes and improvements, a detailed action plan that defines the steps to close identified gaps and optimize integration as well as a prioritized list of modifications and improvements.

Implementation and Integration

The objective of this module is to integrate digital twins smoothly into your existing systems and processes as proof-of-concept (poc). We will further adjust existing systems, where necessary, to meet the requirements of our digital twin technology. Your systems become smarter, faster, and more cost-effective.

As a result of this module you will have digital twin models and corresponding Integration plans. Together with our experts, you will develop plans to integrate digital twins seamlessly into existing systems and processes, understand connectivity and data management and create dashboards for visualization. Also, there will be training plans for employees and a precise and individualized digital twin solution rollout.

Change Management

Introducing digital twin technology involves more than just technical changes; it also requires careful consideration of organizational and cultural factors.

Our Change Management module helps your company successfully adopt a digital automation technology by focusing on both technical readiness and team engagement.

By analyzing your current workflows, we identify necessary changes and opportunities, helping your organization adapt to evolving market conditions and enhancing operational effectiveness.

Meet our experts

Decades of experience in facilities like yours

Choosing one of the most innovative leaders in the field of advanced automation and digital twins means you gain insights into technologies that no other vendor can provide.

Ascon AIM consultants possess extensive experience in process modeling, orchestration, standardization, and virtualization. This places them in the unique position of being able to offer you both best practice insights gained across many industries and a precise roadmap to implementing one of the most powerful automation platforms in the world.

Trusted Partnerships

At Ascon Systems we are proud to be partners to some of the leading consultancy and technology companies worldwide.
As a trusted Nvidia-Solution Partner, we consult companies looking to explore the economic and operational benefits of the industrial metaverse. With our support, you can now take full advantage of everything the Nvidia Omniverse has to offer while identifying and implementing breakthrough innovations.
Moreover, collaborating with Threedy, a technology specialist in industrial 3D applications, we also provide another collaboration in the field of 3D visualization and networking.

Through our trusted cooperation with MHP (A Porsche Company), we have also seen and proven the need and value of advisory and consulting services.

Trusted by Top Companies

We are helping top players transforming their production

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How far along are you on your path to intelligently and digitally automating your planning and production facitlites and the industrial metaverse? Our consultants are skilled at helping industrial organizations both at the very beginning of their digitalization journeys and those ready to deploy advanced solutions. Get in touch today to accelerate your journey to the factory of the future.

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