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Second application – second success!

We are very proud of winning the Dr. Rudolf Eberle Innovation Prize.

This year, 79 companies with innovative projects and business models applied for the Innovation Award. Nine of these companies reached the finals in the categories large corporations, medium-sized companies and start-ups.

“In these difficult times we need more than ever innovative ideas that can be brought to market as quickly as possible,” said Baden-Württemberg’s Economics Minister Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut.

For the first time, the prize winners were announced at a virtual award ceremony.

The USP of the innovative Digital Twin is a context-based real-time behavioral model for synchronization of product development, planning and production. With the ASCon Digital Twin App planning and production can be optimized and controlled. Thus, potential problems can be identified even before they arise. If, for example, a plant is not running correctly, the Digital Twin will communicate in real time that there is a problem. “Nobody can be found today who is able to solve this as well as we can”, says Mathias Stach (Managing Director).

The founders of ASCon Systems GmbH had joined forces “because we have seen that there is a very high demand for solutions for the Internet of Things in the industry. However, this demand is not covered by existing software providers”, says Mathias Stach (right in the picture).

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