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Stuttgart, April 18, 2018 – The IT and software consulting company CENIT AG and the software manufacturer ASCon Systems GmbH (ASCon) have agreed on a strategic partnership. By integrating their solution expertise, the digital transformation of companies in manufacturing and industry 4.0 is to be driven forward with solutions covering the topics of Digital Twins as well as real-time data integration and control.

Both companies have deep and proven expertise in the fields of product lifecycle management (PLM), digital factory and software development. By bundling their know-how, the partners want to expand their existing portfolio. Existing and future customers in the manufacturing and production sectors – whether automotive, mechanical engineering or aerospace, medium-sized or large companies – should benefit in particular. Through this partnership, the companies have access to joint teams of specialists who can implement strategic projects for major customers as well as specific projects for smaller companies.

A key solution component that ASCon brings to the collaboration is the Digital Twin, which combines PLM, analytics, information technology and operations technology. Based on a business model, planning and production data can be enriched with logic and context. This enables the continuous digitization of production technology, production, logistics and process-accompanying quality management. Among other things, this portfolio includes the creation of semantic real-time networks for mapping business and production control as well as digital life cycle files that enable, for example, context-based big data analytics and AI applications in production control. The results, which customer companies can realize with it, bring a clear plus in the direction of efficiency, digital continuity and clear flexibility in production planning and production: As examples serve the clear simplification of the shop floor IT, the permanent storage of signals and information about state changes in the area of quality assurance as well as a powerful interface for analyses, simulations and reporting. ASCon’s Digital Twin completes CENIT’s smartPLM portfolio with the goal of digital continuity across the entire value chain of manufacturing companies.

For both companies, the partnership brings great potential, especially in the technical development of the solutions. In combination with the strong consulting competence of both partners, we can establish a consistent link between the digital tools in manufacturing companies in various industries and thus support our customers on the path of digital transformation towards greater competitiveness.

About ASCon Systems

ASCon Systems GmbH was founded in Stuttgart in 2017 with the goal of developing innovative solutions for the digital transformation of production that enable savings in time, resources and costs, especially with regard to production changes and quality optimizations. The company’s real-time, context-based Digital Twin approach closes the gap between PLM, analytics and the real world of production and simplifies the implementation of Industry 4.0 considerably. The associated virtualization of control hardware solves interface problems and supports standardization in production. ASCon Systems currently has 20 employees and plans to significantly increase the number of employees and sales growth in the current year.


CENIT is the partner for successful digital transformation. With CENIT at their side, customers have extensive possibilities for optimizing their horizontal and vertical business processes. Innovative technologies from the areas of Product Lifecycle Management, Digital Factory and Enterprise Information Management create the basis for this. The competence of CENIT consultants is the result of a combination of interdisciplinary process understanding and in-depth specialist expertise. The integrated consulting approach gives CENIT customers the certainty that their solutions are created with an understanding of their entire value chain. As an integrated partner to its customers, CENIT assumes responsibility for everything from consulting and the introduction of innovative IT solutions to cost-effective operation. The CENIT team adapts to the specific situation of the company and thus guarantees the practical approach that makes measurable operational optimizations possible in the first place. CENIT has been realizing competitive advantages for well-known customers in key industries of the economy for 30 years. CENIT employs around 800 people who serve customers worldwide in the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, tool and mould making, financial services, retail and consumer goods sectors.