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Gartner lists ASCon Systems in Cool Vendors 2018 Industry 4.0

Stuttgart, Germany – Analysis by Alexander Höppe

Why Cool: The ASCon Digital Twin is an IIoT platform breaking down the physical-to-digital wall by application of the guidelines and reference architecture of Plattform Industrie 4.0 (Reference Architecture Model Industrie 4.0 [RAMI 4.0]). It is based on a real-time kernel and a semantic engine. ASCon’s IIoT platform aggregates the vast life data streams from multiple data endpoints with the necessary context, transforming big data into smart persistent data (both actual and historical). The platform uses descriptive and diagnostic analytics and machine learning capabilities. The ASCon Digital Twin connects virtual products and assets with the real production environment. It also provides front ends, allowing both, context-specific and role-specific views on complex product and asset structures facilitating transparency, decision making and collaboration. It can be operated in real time while creating a persistent historical record.

ASCon Systems‘ customers are European automotive and aircraft manufacturers. The company’s partner network extends quickly. ASCon Systems already partners with IBM and Microsoft. Therefore, it plans substantial growth in people and revenue. ASCon Systems key differentiators from other digital twin providers is its ability — with linear scaling of the performance — to map arbitrarily complex production systems in one single model and to process millions of signals per second with a „cycle time“ of 30 milliseconds (ms) to 50 ms.