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We have published a new article entitled The Resolution of the Automation Pyramid in the special edition Digital Twin of the ZWF magazine.

The dissolution of the automation pyramid revolutionizes the way products are manufactured and developed tomorrow

Planning, control and analysis of a convertible and flexible production in real time – isn’t that the dream of every production manager? The ASCon Digital Twin enables this through a comprehensive information model and a high-performance execution architecture. It links all information from PLM, ERP/MES and shop floor involved in production to a consistent information management without having to define the individual semantic and ontological relationships in advance. The production process is thus mapped and controlled comprehensively, completely and adaptable at any time, the modelled value-added chains are executed directly, operating resources can be exchanged without changes in the control logic.

Click here for the full article:
ASCon Systems – Whitepaper Digital Twin 20200215

Source: ZWF Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb
Authors: Dr. Raimund Menges, Kilian Grefen, Dr. Walter Strommer
All images ©ASCon Systems GmbH