Aug 22, 2023

NVIDIA brings Ascon Systems for Digital Twins on board as a new member of NVIDIA inception funding program

Press release August 22, 2023

Stuttgart / Berlin, August 22, 2023 – Ascon Systems, a company enabling the transformation towards industrial metaverse with Digital Twins and no-code software solutions, is now a new member of NVIDIA Inception. The Program was set up by NVIDIA, a leading global chip manufacturer and AI computing provider based in Santa Clara, USA. The aim is to support the rapid development of high-tech start-ups that make industry companies future-proof with digital technologies.

NVIDIA Inception goes beyond traditional accelerator programs to support startups and innovative companies at all stages of the lifecycle, from product development and prototyping to product launch. Members in the program benefit from close collaboration with NVIDIA experts, rapid access to cutting-edge technology, short paths to venture capitalists and co-marketing.

As part of the cooperation, Ascon Systems is developing an interface that connects its automation platform with NVIDIA's Omniverse, a cloud-based platform that enables users, regardless of their location, to create and operate metaverse applications simultaneously and in real time. By combining its automation platform and interface with Omniverse, Ascon Systems enables the seamless flow of relevant data from the shop floor into Omniverse in near real time. Users are provided with innovative means to de-silo manufacturing planning and operations, allowing them to holistically simulate processes.

Since 2017, Ascon Systems has been supporting companies from industries such as automotive, mechanical engineering and aviation in automating process planning and controlling, as well as optimizing industrial processes via digital twins. These technologies thus enable the connection to the industrial metaverse with real-world assets on the shop floor. In this interconnected environment, decisions made in the real business environment impact the digital twins, and vice versa.

Jens Mueller, CEO of Ascon Systems, comments: “The industrial metaverse is developing in leaps and bounds – and we are contributing to this. This transformation requires cooperation. Therefore, it was a natural step for us to become a member of NVIDIAs Inception. With our software and platform, we eliminate complicated transitions between the digital and real worlds and enable co-existence. These dual spaces offer companies enormous opportunities but are currently still new to many users. We can nowdrive the transfer of knowledge on industrial automation even faster and better by participating in Inception Program with other industry-leading experts and AI-driven companies.”

Press contact Ascon Systems:
Susanne Weller
T: +49 172 308 41 36

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