Apr 11, 2024

Threedy and Ascon Systems Demonstrate New Deep Tech Application: Digital Twin Data from a Smart Factory as 3D Visualizations in Near-Real-Time

Press release April 11, 2024

Darmstadt / Stuttgart, April 11, 2024 — Ascon Systems, a company paving the way to the industrial metaverse with digital twins and automation solutions for the manufacturing sector, and Threedy, a deep tech expert for spatial computing technology, will present a global first at the 2024 HANNOVER MESSE: Manufacturers can now transform their production facility into a 3D smart factory and access it from smartphones and tablets in real-time using standard collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams. This live 3D factory twin visualization relies on the interaction of digital twins from Ascon Systems and 3D visualization technology from Threedy. The two companies have been working together on implementing 3D solutions for working with large quantities of data generated in industrial settings since September 2023.

There has been a recent breakthrough in data visualization manufacturing control. Digital twins from Ascon Systems send data from multiple sources to a tablet or smartphone. Threedy takes real-time sensor information and automatically syncs it to engineering-grade 3D data and then visualizes the result using instant3Dhub, a microservice infrastructure for industrial 3D data. This allows users, no matter where they are, to go from machine to machine and, for instance, discuss running processes or the current status of specific hardware with their teams using collaboration software. The Threedy and Ascon Systems technologies operate on scalable infrastructure from cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure. This remote-ready, system-agnostic approach makes it possible to connect with additional data spaces while enabling integration with all kinds of applications. No specific preparation such as data consolidation, reduction, or simplification is necessary.

At HANNOVER MESSE, Threedy will reveal the results of its technology partnership with Ascon Systems and demonstrate on a real machine the interaction of contextualized data, software-defined production control with digital twins, and live 3D visualization.

You are welcome to attend a demonstration of the joint technology at Threedy’s booth at HANNOVER MESSE 2024. You can schedule a visit during the following times:

When: April 22-26, 2024, from 10am to 5pm.
Where: HANNOVER MESSE, Hall17, Booth G06

  • Stefan Domdey, VP Sales, Threedy, Mobile: +49 151 525 798 62, Email: stefan.domdey@threedy.io
  • Steven Vettermann, Thought Leader, Ascon Systems, Mobile: +49 170 772 42 43, Email: Steven.Vettermann@ascon-systems.de

Christian Stein, CEO of Threedy, said: “The way the Ascon Systems technologies interact with our instant3Dhub is an impressive demonstration of how even distributed data environments can be connected using a fully integrated digital twin without having to develop complex new systems and that brownfield applications can also profit from the benefits of a twin.”

Jens Mueller, CEO von Ascon Systems, said: “More and more machines and processes are now connected through the industrial internet of things and the quantity of data keeps increasing. Industrial enterprises often find it difficult to use all this data because it’s trapped in silos and they lack the necessary IT experts. Together with Threedy, we’ve found a solution to this problem. People are accustomed to communicating with each other over phones and tablets. Together, we’re making it possible for humans and machines to communicate in the same way. Our digital twins provide contextualized data from production operations for analysis, then Threedy creates a live, 3D visualization. The digital twin is then able to carry out additional control functions. We’re very pleased to be able to show how innovative and intuitive this approach is together with Threedy at this year’s HANNOVER MESSE.”

About Ascon Systems Holding GmbH:
Ascon Systems Holding connects the digital world with the real world. The company develops automation solutions based on digital twins that enable companies to achieve the digital transformation towards Industry 5.0 and industrial metaverse. The goal is to make the manufacturing industry more flexible and achieve this with IT/OT convergence und AI. Customers include BMW, Mercedes, Drees & Sommer and Läpple. Other customers are market-leading companies from the automotive, mechanical engineering, aviation, and logistics sectors. Ascon Systems Holding GmbH is the parent company of Ascon Systems GmbH, which was founded in 2017. The CEO is Jens Mueller. There are more than 130 employees working in the team. Ascon Systems is headquartered in Stuttgart, with additional locations in Berlin, Mainz, Munich, Heilbronn and Stade.

About Threedy GmbH:
With its instant3Dhub, Threedy offers a unique infrastructure component that allows companies to meet the ever-growing demand for highly available 3D data in responsive and interactive 3D applications. Industrial 3D data is referenced directly, e.g., from an existing PLM system, without prior preparation and can be automatically linked with further business information. This results in new, scalable applications over the entire lifecycle, from engineering to after sales - web-based and with zero footprint on the client. Threedy GmbH was founded in 2020 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research. Threedy GmbH, headquartered in Darmstadt, with a current staff of 55 employees. https://www.threedy.io/

Press contact Ascon Systems:
Susanne Weller
T: +49 172 308 41 36
E: s.weller@weller-media.com

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