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The revolution of the production

The digital twin will revolutionize production processes in the coming years. More than that, it is about to replace the classic programmable logic controllers in many areas because they are far too inflexible. Wherever production systems have to be adapted, rebuilt or switched quickly, the digital twin is clearly superior as a virtual control environment. Autonomous and modular production would therefore be impossible without it.…
M. Stach
June 12. 2019

On the way to autonomous production with the Digital Twin

Intelligent factories that control themselves, anticipate malfunctions and react flexibly to production changes are the goal of Industry 4.0. To make production more flexible, it is not enough to equip machines and plants with sensors. The signal streams from the shopfloor must also be interpreted correctly in terms of production logic. The prerequisite for this is the use of a Digital Twins, which connects the…
M. Stach
December 17. 2018

Digital Transformation in the Production Process

How Digital Twins optimize production with Smart Services Shorter time-to-market, the pressure to be more environmentally friendly and growing individual customer demands are playing an increasingly important role in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in the manufacture of consumer goods. The digitization of production helps manufacturers and suppliers to master the growing complexity that these changes bring. In order to intelligently control the…
M. Stach
July 12. 2017