Bringing the digital twin to life – Together with our partner SG-Engineering

Together with our partner SG-Engineering, we want to fully exploit the potential of the digital twin from the point of view of a design office and plant implementer and transfer it into practice. SG-Engineering's practical know-how meets ASCon Systems' software know-how. SG-Engineering knows the needs of building/plant operators and supports ASCon Systems in the design, implementation and commissioning phases of digital twin projects in real…
Alexander von Klein
January 30. 2019

On the way to autonomous production with the Digital Twin

Intelligent factories that control themselves, anticipate malfunctions and react flexibly to production changes are the goal of Industry 4.0. To make production more flexible, it is not enough to equip machines and plants with sensors. The signal streams from the shopfloor must also be interpreted correctly in terms of production logic. The prerequisite for this is the use of a Digital Twins, which connects the…
M. Stach
December 17. 2018

CENIT and ASCon Systems enter into strategic partnership

Stuttgart, April 18, 2018 - The IT and software consulting company CENIT AG and the software manufacturer ASCon Systems GmbH (ASCon) have agreed on a strategic partnership. By integrating their solution expertise, the digital transformation of companies in manufacturing and industry 4.0 is to be driven forward with solutions covering the topics of Digital Twins as well as real-time data integration and control. Both companies…
M. Stach
June 11. 2018