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Free yourself from the inefficiencies of hard-coded PLCs and rigid, heterogeneous system landscapes.
Plan, build and control your production with
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Ascon Qube

A single Platform for Next-generation Industrial Automation

Ascon Qube is an edge-to-cloud platform that lets you plan, monitor, control, and optimize automated production. Live-synced digital twins deliver complete transparency and an interface to execute low-code changes. All your production data streams flow into a digital shadow. Using this contextualized data, analytics generate valuable insights. Now you can optimize production like never before — and implement changes right in the Qube.

Challenges in manufacturing

Manufacturers face pressure from all sides

Traditional production systems are often limited by rigid processes, heterogeneous system landscapes and a lack of integration.

Inefficiencies and high costs are the result. Shorter product life cycles, long commissioning and set-up times, a shortage of skilled workers and frequently changing requirements put additional pressure on production planning.

Conventional automation approaches with PLC systems have been reaching their limits for some time and do not allow for agile and resilient production. A rethink is required.

Advanced Automation with Ascon Qube

The evolution for your manufacturing

Ascon Qube enables the transformation to an agile, data-centric and cost-efficient factory of the future.

A new level of agility

Reality doesn’t wait for code.

To make your production more resilient, you need the ability to respond quickly. Designing and modelling your production processes digitally lets you react to supply chain disruption, changes in consumer demand, and customization.

Complete process visibility

A digital shadow for all your data.

By aggregating all your data streams on a single platform, you gain the context to see how changes impact overall production. And the more data, the greater the value that analytics and AI can later generate.

More efficient use of resources

Optimize CAPEX, OPEX and OEE.

Now, use your data to identify opportunities to optimize resource consumption and improve overall equipment effectiveness. The result is more competitive, profitable production and better sustainability.

Digital Shadow

From data comes insight, and from insight, efficiency

Advanced manufacturers generate terabytes of production data. The challenge? Extracting the value hidden inside that data.

The answer is context: when all your data is aggregated in one place, it gains the context you need to run advanced analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Person working on laptop, with a digital shadow
Person monitoring progress as a laptop in the production facility

Process Monitoring

Recognize problems, intervene and ensure maximum availability

Thanks to the continuous monitoring of real-time data, you can keep an eye on all processes and machines at all times and from any location. You can react immediately to deviations and errors and make corrections.

Maximum flexibility in production

Your platform for IT/OT-hyperconvergent automation

Take your factory automation and digitalization into a new era. With our award-winning solution, you can break through the IT/OT permafrost and implement resilient solutions that you can operate via cloud, on edge or hybrid.



Modeling of connectivity as well as behavioral and system logic.



Direct execution of behavioral and system logic. On edge, in the cloud or hybrid.



Storage of all data movements and their context in a digital file.



Customizable dashboard for visualization and interaction with the production system.

Low Code

Models instead of code – Fewer experts required

The shortage of plant engineers and OT/IT automation specialists will continue to pose a threat to manufacturers across every industry.

With Ascon Qube, you are taking a decisive step towards a low-code future in which automation changes don’t require highly trained staff and plant downtime.

Instead, your live-synced digital twin drastically simplifies both planning and operation, resulting in far fewer expert hours.

2 people are glad with their processes are low code
A group of people looking at costs on a digital board

Cost Effectiveness

Increase your OEE and reduce CAPEX and OPEX

With Ascon Qube you can tap into new savings potential:

The model-based software approach with digital twins enables digital simulations and 3D visualizations and significantly shortens your path from theory to practice. Shorter planning and validation phases lead to earlier deployment of your production plant.

Shorter set-up times and optimization measures in production increase quality, reduce scrap and allow the machines to be operated in a way that conserves resources – especially in times of high energy costs.

The gained agility allows you to create resilient production that you can quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Avoid unnecessary machine downtime and maximize your uptime.

Closing the automation gap

Run your production like a data center

With the Ascon Qube platform, you are ideally equipped to usher in a new era in your production.

A universal control interface: digital twins

Ascon Qube is your centralized control platform for any system, offering unmatched interoperability and the flexibility to manage a broad range of industrial processes.

Model-based automation

Work with automation models that do not require any programming knowledge. These are more accessible to users and can be dynamically adapted to different manufacturing processes.

Independent from hardware and vendors

Finally put vendor lock-in behind you — Ascon Qube is completely vendor agnostic. As a result, you can achieve seamless integration with any number of industrial environments.

Enhanced decision support with AI

The platform uses contextualized data. This means you can integrate AI for data-driven decision making and predictive analytics.

Easily adapts to your specific requirements

Whether it’s a single production line or a continuous production process, you can tailor Ascon Qube to match the precise requirements of your application.

Decide how you want to use Ascon Qube.

Observe Mode

Use Ascon Qube to create a digital shadow and pave the way for process transparency and optimization.

Control Mode

With the digital twins created by the Ascon Qube, you can control your production system dynamically and flexibly.

Autonomous Mode

Ascon Qube supports the development of autonomous systems and integrates AI-supported decision-making.

Observe Mode

Use Ascon Qube to create a digital shadow and pave the way for process transparency and optimization.

Control Mode

With the digital twins created by the Ascon Qube, you can control your production system dynamically and flexibly.

Autonomous Mode

Ascon Qube supports the development of autonomous systems and integrates AI-supported decision-making.


Ascon Qube grows with your company

An automation and control platform that meets the requirements of your company.

Ascon Qube grows with your company: You can easily map additional machines, production processes or plants at any time.

Highest safety standards: Ascon Qube works according to the most modern safety standards in the industry.

Maximum interoperability: Ascon Qube uses open standards and protocols that are specially adapted for industrial automation.


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