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With Ascon Systems, you can transform any programmable physical process without the need to code.

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Why Ascon Systems?

Fast, flexible, efficient:
we create process automation for everyone!

Are you ready for the Industrial Metaverse?

With our no-code solution you can model your process automation by yourself. This will increase your productivity in real time and bring all-around flexibility and best-in-class quality. 

It’s not magic, it’s just fresh and disruptive engineering.

No Code

Coding is a thing of the past.

A lack of IT-experts who are capable of coding affects many companies. With our technology you can replace coding with modeling, which enables flexibility and efficiency.

Breakthrough technology

Be in the driver’s seat of automation.

We enable you to be in control of your systems by simplifying the way of creating automated processes and by connecting the real and the virtual world into the Industrial Metaverse.


We challenge what others believe to be incontestable.

Yes, we question the current performance of automation – and after countless years in the business we have good reasons for that. We believe in creativity to solve the existing problems.


More applications than you can think of.

From smart buildings and products to infrastructure and production, imagine all the sectors that need automated processes! If you can imagine it, we can make it happen together.

Welcome to the
new way of automation

We provide the only no-code solution for process automation with real-time control for everyone.


Free from inflexibility

With our breakthrough technology we liberate you from vendor locks, hard-coded SPS and inflexible infrastructures, enabling you to focus on your business.


No Code is our mode

Programming skills are obsolete in our model factory. We implement resilient solutions that can be operated via cloud, on edge, or in a hybrid environment.


Next generation Digital Twins

The factory’s digital twins are becoming “real digital twins”. IT and OT are merging, enabling virtual planning and commissioning directly from virtual to real operation.


Real time performance

We bring a crucial productivity factor to the product development process, right down to real-time factory monitoring and control.

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The Path to the Industrial Metaverse
The Path to the Industrial Metaverse

September 14, 2023

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Digital Twin: Real or often only a shadow?
Digital Twin: Real or often only a shadow?

September 14, 2023

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Ascon Community

What would you
like to know?

In which way is the Ascon Systems technology a door opener to the Industrial Metaverse?

The term Industrial Metaverse primarily describes the use of virtual and augmented realities in industrial production. With our automation platform, we deliver a significant productivity factor in the manufacturing process of factories, right down to factory monitoring, control, and the smallest changes in the process. With our technology, the pure digital twins of a factory become real digital twins, which are not only depicted virtually and are therefore isolated from reality but can also directly control the real behavior of a factory in nearly real-time.

What is exceptional about the Ascon Systems Automation Platform?

With our software, operational and value-added processes can be flexibly defined and reconfigured without programming to then be executed in nearly real-time in the real environment – be it in production plants, the overall factory process, intralogistics, or in industrial components themselves. Our technology is independent of manufacturers and is available in the Cloud, on Prem, or on Edge.

No Code, does that really stand for process automation without programming?

Yes. With our software, processes no longer must be programmed, but can be modeled. We enable companies to get their processes up and running themselves in terms of information technology. In-depth IT expertise is only required when data and information are transferred from external systems, for example, when network protocols or the syntactical structure of information are exchanged. The technical knowledge of which objects are essential for the processes and value creation and which changes must be set to run optimally is of course still essential, as is certain domain expertise.

What are the immediate business benefits of the Ascon Systems Automation Platform?

Companies can beat the shortage of IT professionals because even planning and operation experts who do not have IT or OT knowledge can define, test and execute changes at the process control level. There are also savings opportunities on many levels, such as implementation and change efforts, infrastructure, and operating costs. Changes to the process can be implemented more quickly and data can be used in context nearly in real-time, resulting in greater flexibility to respond more quickly to market changes.

What is meant by the “real” Digital Twins?

The digital twin is the heart of our technology. But it is not just a virtual image of a real existing system, as is often the case nowadays. With our Digital Twin, you can control the real production, completely without media breaks. It is driven by the configured services, which in turn ensure smooth, high-performance processing of all information controlled and processed.

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