ASCon Systems is pioneering partner
for the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud

We are ready for the cloud! As one of the first partners of the Industrial Cloud community!
We are excited to join Volkswagen AG and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate production,
logistics and supply chain management into the digital age.


The Digital Twin

Key to digital transformation.


We are witnessing
the digitalization of the industry

The ASCon Digital Twin enhances your data with logic and context,
thus creating the prerequisites for efficient MES, system control
and quality assurance.


Smart Planning

Support of production and plant planning
by resolving information and media disruptions and closing process gaps.
Digital consistency in the planning process through flexible
and intelligently linked services.


Smart Operations

Agile Services provide flexibility and transparency
in the construction, conversion or operation of plants, tools and
storage and transport facilities. They collect and process
machine and operating data using KI & Big Data technologies
in connection with your specific business process.


Smart Logistics

Bottlenecks and disruptions in logistics along the
supply chain can be identified and eliminated at
an early stage using Smart Services.


Smart Building

The planning, implementation and operation of
buildings are supported by cross-system networking
of the entire technology, including sensors.

With a context-based approach to digital transformation, operating in real-time, ASCon »The Digital Twin Company« closes the gap between PLM, analytics (Big Data/AI), and the real production world.

The ASCon Digital Twin is a unique platform for breaking down the physical to digital wall and enabling Industry 4.0. It is based on a real-time kernel and a semantic engine, and so aggregates and integrates the vast data lakes generated by IIoT with the necessary context, transforming big data into smart data; both actual and historical.

The ASCon Digital Twin is a bridge between technical PLM (Product Engineering, planning and virtual commissioning), analytics (Big Data/AI), and the real production world: a context-based approach to digital transformation, operating in real-time whilst creating a persistent historical record.

We are offering a solution unmatched by any of the major players in the market.

ASCon – The Digital Twin Company

The digitalization of industry offers unprecedented advantages, including massive savings of time, resources and costs for production changes and errors. There are however significant barriers to implementation due to the complexity of massive parallel data generation and lack of standardisation. Current Digital Twin implementations are fragmented: no major player offers a complete solution. Technology silos, high cost/complexity, or lack of key features limit utility, and thus delay the benefits of Industry 4.0.

The ASCon Digital Twin approach, where every object and process are assigned an evolving digital data footprint, has the potential to simplify implementation of Industry 4.0.

The virtualization of significant parts of the control hardware solves interface problems, supports standardization in production and allows the creation of value to be controlled rather than just processed.

One Step ahead

The ASCon Digital Twin enriches your data with logic and context and thus creates the conditions for efficient MES, shopfloor control and quality insurance. Referencing PLM, product engineering, digital factory and virtual commissioning  the ASCon Digital Twin fuels back live shopfloor data for model update and any kind of analytics. This is how Big Data become Smart Data.

Industries we support with our Digital Twin:

  • Automotive OEM
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Aircraft and Aerospace Industry
  • Machine building and Manufacturing industry
  • Logistics Sector
  • Building and infrastructure management

Our Solution Portfolio:

  • Digitalization of manufacturing engineering, production, logistics and in-process quality management
  • Real-time semantic and logic networking for mapping your business logic and controlling your shopfloor
  • Interoperability and traceability for networked, (semi)autonomous production based on existing machinery
  • Manufacturing Service Bus for real-time data integration and object lifecycle recording
  • Context based BigData Analytics and AI
  • IIoT edge component for connecting the shopfloor signal streams with the Data Cloud

Distinctive Features of the ASCon Digital Twin:

Business and process logic models are built quickly and efficiently based on referenced information from PLM Platforms and on configurable behavior library objects with flexible model depth and width description from value creation level down to signal level.

As deterministic instance of the static model, the virtual dynamic model represents semantically and logically structured knowledge with the ability to perform real-time state changes while processing highest signal density at linear scaling.


Transform your existing assets into flexible and responsive production systems with autonomous material supplies and continuous optimization of your manufacturing environment.


Establish your virtual dynamic model-based system control and monitoring. Rule-based decision-making is supported by real-time machine and environment signals, human interactions, algorithms and simulations.


Handle the reconfiguration of your systems, tools and storage and transport equipment without PLC programming. Let adaptations and changes be made directly by your production and planning staff.

ASCon Digital Twin Components

Start your digital transformation with ASCon Systems today.

ASCon Digital Twin Key Capabilities

We make manufacturing responsive, flexible and sustainable.
Aiming at making your production as simple and intuitive as possible we help your line staff to handle daily changes directly at the shopfloor level.

Consistent Digital Twin

Intuitive and responsive planning and controlling of the production process in real-time

Production Simulations in real-time

Connection of precursory and concurrent simulations to support ad hoc decisions

Gateway for coupling your Services

Linking for Big Data analytics as well as interface and cockpit generators for controlling your production

Real-time Integration Layer for the Shopfloor

Highly performant integration layer for connecting all production plants, devices, actuators and sensors

Digital Manufacturing File

Keeps ready and historicizes persistently all signals and information captured about changes of state

Reducing Complexity in IT System Landscape

By use of the Manufacturing Service Bus, the heterogenuous system landscape is lifted up to the integration layer. The complexity is reduced further by means of various services.

Reliability and Protection of Data

The massively distributed architecture makes all production data available 7x24h. Highly efficient security packages protect your sensitive production data against misuse.

Optimization of your Quality Closed Loops

Protection and acceleration of your quality control loops by real-time integration into your digital twin

Standardized semantic Network

Fast implementation of your digital twin by use of predefined modules and predefined ontological models

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