We're taking our collaboration with NVIDIA to the next level, now as a Solution Advisor: Consultant

Our work with NVIDIA has entered a new phase. We joined the NVIDIA Inception program in August 2023. Now, NVIDIA has granted us the title of Solution Advisor: Consultant within its partner network.

For companies seeking to explore the economic and operational benefits of the industrial metaverse, this means several things. With our support, they can now take full advantage of everything the industrial metaverse has to offer while identifying and implementing breakthrough innovations. Imagine what it would be like if you could simply "scan in" an entire factory. What if you had everything you need for efficient brownfield planning including AI-powered tools. And you and your team could monitor, reconfigure, and control your factory —from anywhere in the world. All while linking real-time information from your shop floor to your ERP, an AI tool, or your maintenance processes, so you could reach a completely new level of transparency across your operations. And what if your staff had all the information available on a production machine right on their tablets, and could interact with the equipment from their device without needing experts for re-tooling or maintenance? This is what we help you achieve at your production facilities.

Achieve big goals faster and more cost efficiently

If you could express the industrial metaverse as a formula, it might look something like this: Industrial Metaverse = Task Automation + Transparency + Intuitive Operation. All you need is an idea of which goals you would like to achieve, or which processes you would like to (or must) change to maintain your competitive edge. Often, it's not exactly clear what is realistic or possible. We give you the right methodology together with examples from your own industry of what has already been accomplished and what is being planned while guiding you past the hurdles and challenges that arise. You'll discover how innovative technologies can reveal unforeseen opportunities at your factories and how to set the right goals and attain them.

Regarding execution, an agile approach has proven the most efficient. It's important to first gather experience in projects with a manageable scope, quantify the benefits, and adjust as necessary for optimal results before rolling the solution out across the company and among suppliers. When a company implements digitalization and automation, it always means change. And any change process needs to be carefully planned, implemented, and supported.

Our team possesses state-of-the-art knowledge about process automation, OT, and IT, and crucially, how to facilitate and implement change. This way, your company gets the required support for everything from planning through execution for both production modernization and new plant construction. For an example, read about our case study for BMW in Dingolfing here.

Setting a course for the industrial metaverse

Everyone seems to have their own definition of the industrial metaverse. While some think of it as 3D visualizations or simulations, others take a broader view and define the industrial metaverse as a space in which the real, physical asset of your factory also exists as a virtual one in the form of a digital twin that is connected to its bricks-and-mortar counterpart. And both views are valid. Because the industrial metaverse is just a catch-all phrase that encompasses all of these possibilities. The most important thing to understand is that different technologies work together to provide data consistency and transparency in a manner that has never been possible before. Decisions on the real shop floor affect the digital twin, and vice versa. Disruptive innovations can be implemented without code.

The industrial metaverse allows you to capitalize on many new opportunities and secure a competitive advantage over your competition. We offer you support from the initial steps up to and including integration into the NVIDIA Omniverse. We would be delighted to hear about your specific needs.

For customers who are already working with us and NVIDIA, our new status as Solution Advisor: Consultant means that you now have even more ways to use technologies from the Omniverse, NVIDIA's own metaverse platform. We give you direct access to innovations from the NVIDIA network, NVIDIA experts, the collective expertise of all the partner companies in the NVIDIA network around the globe, and we combine it all with our systematic approach and comprehensive knowledge of automation and IT.

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