Jun 13, 2024

Ascon Systems introduces the Digital Twin Readiness Check tool for digital twins in manufacturing

Press release June 13, 2024

Stuttgart, June 13, 2024 - Ascon Systems, a company that uses software-defined manufacturing to enable digital transformation towards a flexible, automated company, is expanding its consulting division. Companies can now use a Digital-Twin-Readiness Check to find out what the manufacturing process requirements are in their company for end-to-end data transparency with digital twins and software-defined manufacturing. The result is an analysis of the current technical infrastructure and the need for transformation, as well as a roadmap for the strategy and integration of digital twins as a basis for software-defined manufacturing.

The digital transformation in manufacturing is still in full swing at many German companies. An important component of this is the digital twin, a virtual replica of physical processes and systems. It connects the real with the digital world and enables simulations. Using it leads to increased productivity and cost savings. Before digital twins can be integrated into existing systems, however, a careful analysis of the existing infrastructure of the shop floor systems is required, which also includes the throughput of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Digital-Twin-Readiness Check

Ascon Systems now supports companies, with a multi-stage Digital-Twin-Readiness Check, in quickly identifying how the infrastructure is set up, how it needs to be optimized regarding the integration of digital twins, and which strategy can be used as the basis for an implementation roadmap. These steps include:

  • Analysis of the existing infrastructure
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Determination of maturity level
  • Strategy for the roadmap
  • Roadmap for implementation

Jens Mueller, CEO of Ascon Systems, comments: “We have always supported and advised companies with our expertise in key digital technologies on how they can produce more flexibility, cost-effectively, and with less dependence on resources. This digital transformation towards an orchestrated, automated production operation often fails right from the start if there is no clarity about the technical and procedural framework and responsibilities. We have therefore developed the Digital-Twin-Readiness Check, a low-threshold tool that overcomes these hurdles, is user-friendly and, above all, comes to a quick, clear result. We want to help companies to drive their digital development in Industry 4.0 more quickly and thus strengthen their competitive position. We are also helping companies to connect to NVIDIA's Industrial Metaverse, one of our partners."

Transformation Services at Ascon Systems

Ascon Systems is a pioneer in the software development of digital twins and their implementation as a building block on the way to the Industrial Metaverse. With the consulting unit in the company, Ascon Systems also accompanies the transformational processes associated with the introduction of a new technology or the switch to another technology altogether and advises on the potential for automation, flexibility and efficiency gains of technologies.

To the Digital-Twin-Readiness-Check: Ascon AIM

Press contact Ascon Systems:
Susanne Weller
T: +49 172 308 41 36
E: s.weller@weller-media.com

Download the press release

Download the press release

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