Nov 15, 2023

Destination Digital Factory: BMW i Ventures comes on board as an investor in Ascon Systems

Press release November 15, 2024

München / Stuttgart, November 15, 2023 – Ascon Systems, a company that enables the transformation to the industrial metaverse with digital twins and low-code software solutions, has welcomed BMW i Ventures, venture capital provider for innovative and high-performance start-ups in the automotive sector, as a new investor. With this commitment, BMW i Ventures supports the next stage of digital production and unlocks potential for the industrial metaverse and digital shopfloor management in the automotive and supplier industry. The common goal is to increase flexibility and efficiency in these important industries.

Ascon Systems paves the way for companies to achieve a data-driven digital factory and provides support by combining low-code software and high-tech in four steps: automate, simulate, model and flexibilize. The real shopfloor is connected to virtual digital twins. Decisions in the real company environment have an impact on the digital twins and vice versa. Ascon Systems thus enables the continuous optimization of industrial production processes, necessary maintenance work and training across different locations.

Marcus Behrendt, Managing Director at BMW i Ventures, comments: "Jens Müller and his team at Ascon Systems have impressed and convinced us with their forward-looking technologies. With its digital twin technology, Ascon Systems is opening up completely new and, above all, more efficient ways for shopfloor management in the industrial metaverse. As an Omniverse Partner of NVIDIA, Ascon is very well positioned. We at BMW i Ventures aim to actively support this development to ensure that the next stage of digitalization in production can be widely adopted."

Jens Müller, CEO of Ascon Systems, adds: "We are delighted to have BMW i Ventures as a new partner. With our platform, we make it easy for companies to create a digital twin of their physical factory. This allows them to optimize processes, identify and correct errors - but above all, they can digitally simulate various scenarios for planning and determine the next steps for implementation based on this. We are currently expanding Ascon Systems and developing further high-tech solutions - also in cooperation with our partners - to pave the way for the factory of the future. With the support of BMW i Ventures, we are taking a big step towards these goals."

Press contact Ascon Systems:
Susanne Weller
T: +49 172 308 41 36

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